Data Survey Adds More Features

Nov 15, 2010 by

Data Survey Adds More Features

Welcome back to M&M Data Survey. This is our fifth year of collecting data about M&M’s so we have decided to add some new features this year!

First, we are also going to start counting Fruit Loops as well as M&M’s. Many school districts have health policies that would not allow teachers to use M&M’s with their students which made participation in the Data Survey a little difficult. Despite, being sugary and delicious, Fruit Loops are more healthy than M&M’s so hopefully everyone will be able to participate in the Data Survey.

We will be tracking the data using Google Docs which will make the process of releasing new data much easier than the old system.

Since we are starting with a new system for gathering data, we will be starting over completely. Old data will still be available for you to download if you are wanting to work with a larger data set but we hope that you will consider growing our data sample with the new data surveys.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and get started.

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