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To get a hold of us, just use Mr. Wright’s e-mail address: cwright [at] rolla [dot] k12 [dot] mo [dot] us, except replace [at] with @ and replace [dot] with .


Mr. Wright’s Third Grade math classes are studying about data and how to display data with graphs, charts and tables. We need your help! How? It is simple, follow these simple steps:

  1. Get a bag of M&Ms. It doesn’t matter what size of bag and it doesn’t really matter what kind of M&Ms you choose, they just need to have the typical M&M colors: red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, and green. No black and white M&Ms!
  2. Before you open your bag of M&Ms, make a prediction. What color will appear in your bag the most often? Red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, or green? Remember your prediction.
  3. Now that you have your prediction, open your bag and sort the M&Ms according to color. One group for each color. Count and record how many of each color that is in your bag.
  4. Here at mmdatasurvey.com, click the tab near the top of the page that says Take the Survey. Input your data into the survey and click “submit.”
  5. You’re basically done! All that is left is to eat (or share) your yummy M&Ms!

Check back here at mmdatasurvey.com from time to time and we will share the data that we collect with you!

What are we going to do with the data?

A couple of things…

  • We are going to graph it.
  • We will put it in a chart.
  • We are going to find the shape of the data (PDF file, page 5) (range, median, mode)
  • We will learn about and store the data in a spreadsheet.
  • We will share the data with people who visit our site.
  • We will do a zillion other things with it!
This activity aligns with the Data and Probability Strand in the Missouri GLEs (PDF file, starting on page 20).